A deep dive into football passion

The show follows the journeys of two friends / presenters as they investigate the reasons that shaped the rivalry of the two opposing teams throughout history, emphasize the contrast of the ideologies that the teams represent and highlight the sociopolitical differences that intensify each rivalry, through the eyes of the people who express these standpoints: In reality, the true protagonist of this show is the whole city (or cities) that lives and breathes in anticipation for this great game, represented from the most loyal fan to the greatest legend of the past.

The scenario of each episode places the two friends – presenters a few days prior to the derby and builds up to the game day itself by showing the unique experience of not only watching, but living a game with so much passion, intensity and importance through the eyes of the protagonists.

The scenario unfolds with a parallel narrative of the two hosts as they choose and present each team, while crossing their paths in order to highlight the contradictions and differences when necessary.

This is Football Stories